Bennet (July)

The Foster CARE Closet

The Foster CARE Closet serves any youth that is a current ward of the State of Nebraska – working with children from birth to age 19. It is the desire of the Foster CARE Closet to show God’s love to His children through the giving of clothing and other items.

The mission of the Foster CARE Closet is to provide quality clothing at no charge to the children in the foster care system in the State of Nebraska twice a year. The vision of the Foster CARE Closet is to provide five NEW outfits twice a year.

The Intake CARE Center is a collaborative partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services to provide a child friendly, welcoming environment to youth and workers in the immediate aftermath of a removal. The Intake CARE Center focuses on meeting the physical needs such as feeding the youth and worker and providing clothing and basic hygiene items before the child goes to placement. This is a very different approach from what had been before where a youth would wait at a case manager’s desk or older youth may even be waiting at the police department while placement is found. It is the mission of the Intake CARE Center to provide a child friendly, warm and comfortable place for youth while transitioning into foster placement. While at the Intake CARE Center, measures are taken to ensure the child has eaten, has basic clothing needs met and provide an environment that is safe. It is the vision of the Intake CARE Center to provide five NEW outfits including shoes and seasonal items along with personal care items in a back pack that allows the youth to move forward with dignity and respect while having things to call their own.


A note from Bennet employees on why they chose to support The Foster Care Closet...
The Foster Care Closet is important to the Bennet community because they give children – specifically foster children – one week of clothing and other needed items. When children are removed from their homes, they are usually taken without any of their belongings. This is an excellent free resource for foster families because they don’t get to plan for emergency placements, or may not have immediate funds to go buy all needed hygiene and clothing for kids, especially if they get siblings.

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