Decatur (January)

Decatur Senior Center

A note from Decatur employees on why they chose to support the Decatur Senior Center...
Our senior citizens struggle each month to get enough funding to prepare noon meals for those who go daily. Continued funding will increase the chance that the Center will be able to continue to serve our senior population. Decatur, like most small communities, has a growing number of seniors. Most people who grew up in Decatur have chosen to remain in Decatur. Some who left as early adults choose to return when they retire.

Our Sears Wellness Center that stands today was a gift from a Decaturite who moved away to California to begin his career and when he decided he wanted to leave something in his home town, we started a Foundation to help move the $1,000,000 he gave to build a Senior and Wellness Center. This Sears Wellness Center houses our Decatur Senior Citizens Group and serves meals five days a week. His funding built the building, but the Senior Center still operates on their own.

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