Mobile Check Deposit

First Nebraska Bank has added a great new feature to our Mobile Money app. It’s called Mobile Check Deposit, and it does just that... allowing you to deposit a check using your camera–equipped smartphone!

How Mobile Check Deposit Works

Simply take a picture of both sides of the check and follow the onscreen instructions to deposit it into your account. You don’t have to find an ATM. You don’t need to find an open branch. You don’t even have to leave your home or office. You do however need to be able to access the Internet with your smartphone for the deposit to go through.

Tips for Using Mobile Check Deposit:

Mobile Check Deposit is compatible with the following mobile devices:

Compatible with all Apple products operating iOS4 or newer.

NoteThe iPhone 3G is no longer supported on the newest version of Apple’s OS. Any current users that have already downloaded the App on their phone will continue to be able to use it (and use Mobile Check Deposit once activated), but no new users will be able to enroll for Mobiliti with an iPhone 3G.

Google Android models
Android (Froyo) 2.2 or newer
Cameras with 2.0+ megapixel resolution and autofocus
Either touch screen or keyboard phones

Mobile Check Deposit is just one more way First Nebraska Bank is harnessing the latest technology to make life easier for you!